What is Matt Tollison Music?
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What is the best way to book/contact Matt Tollison Music?
You can Email Matt or call him at 803-517-6918 and just simply invite us.

What is your fee?
MTM generally travels and sings for a love offering or honorarium and the opportunity to offer CD’s for sale, but there remains no specific financial requirement to host our ministry. We strive to make our appearances both possible and affordable. Because we are asked so often, we do have a ministry budget goal which we are glad to share when requested. Regardless of what is provided, we will present the gospel in song with passion, professionalism, and integrity. Because we are a part-time ministry and draw no personal income from the funds received, we are able to honor most invitations while covering our recurring expenses including fuel, vehicle and trailer maintenance, meals, sound equipment, product inventory, storage, studio recording, communications, promotion, etc. 

What about small churches or organizations with limited resources?

If MTM schedule allows, we will strive to honor any invitation with enthusiasm, commitment, and faith and trust in the Lord for His provision. Because of God’s incredible faithfulness over the years through the generosity of His people, we continue to serve as a faith-based ministry. 

How far do you travel to minister?

Our typical booking is within a 3-hour driving radius of Fort Mill, SC. Travel exceeding 3 hours (one-way) or requiring overnight accommodations is scheduled less frequently and may require some assistance with travel expenses, but is certainly feasible when booked in advance. 

How long do you need to sing to justify your time and travel commitment?
We would prefer to sing at least 20 minutes if we are part of a multi-group concert or offering special music before a sermon or program/event; however, most of our concerts average 1 hour in length. We will always strive to be sensitive and cooperative with regard to the purpose of the worship service or special event.

What days of the week can you sing?
Though we sing mostly on Saturdays and Sundays, we can sing on weekdays with adequate advance notice. We do limit our number of Sunday morning bookings due to our home church commitments, so please book these dates as far in advance as possible.

How many dates do you sing each month/year?

We prefer to average 4 concerts per month, which results in approximately 45 bookings per year, allowing us to maintain meaningful commitments to our families and home churches as well as our full-time careers.

How long have you been singing?

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Do you provide your own sound equipment?

Yes, for nearly all of our concerts.

Do you offer a product table at your concerts?
Yes, we provide a table offering our CD recording projects for sale. We prefer to offer these inside at the main exit/lobby following the service (or during intermission when applicable).

Can you offer personal and/or performance references for our church/organization to contact?Absolutely! Please CLICK HERE to visit our recommendations page!